Become a member of hummel's loyalty programme, clubhummel, and get immediate access to all the benefits. Among other things, you’ll get free shipping on all standard deliveries, you always have 100 days returns, you earn points on every purchase and you get pre-access to sales and promotions. What are you waiting for?



  • Always free standard delivery 
  • Always easy returns for 100 days
  • Earn points every time you shop 
  • Exclusive access to products, campaigns, competitions and discounts

As a clubhummel member, you’ll get loads of great benefits. For example, you’ll be among the very first to hear about limited-time offers, get access to special products and be rewarded with points every time you shop. See an overview of all member benefits at our terms and conditions here.



  • When you complete a purchase on our webshop
  • When you return your old hummel items for reuse
  • When you join certain competitions and campaigns
  • When it's your clubhummel anniversary

As a clubhummel member, you’ll earn points in several different ways. Your points can later be used to purchase new hummel items. See an overview of the clubhummel points system at the clubhummel terms and conditions here.

Welcome to clubhummel

As a member of clubhummel, you’ll get loads of great benefits: members-only products, special member discounts, pre-access to sales and much, much more. But you’ll also get all the best of hummel. At hummel, we love sport, play, movement, fun and community – and we love sharing this with others.

Become a member today, get access to all the benefits, and come and have fun with hummel.

Let’s play. 


Become a member of clubhummel and get 15% discount on your first order. Your welcome discount can be used once on any full price items. All you have to do is register digitally and you'll receive an email with your very own unique discount code giving you 15% on your first purchase.

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  • Save 15 % on your first order via a provided discount code
  • Get members discount on selected items
  • Use your earned points as co-payment

As a clubhummel member, you’ll get exclusive members discounts on selected items, on special occasions or when you meet certain conditions.

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  • Exclusive access to members-only products
  • Members’ discount on specific products and categories 
  • Access to campaigns and sales before everyone else

As a clubhummel member, you’ll get exclusive access to members-only products, special member promotions, competitions and pre-access to major sales.


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When shopping

You’ll earn points on every product you purchase from the hummel webshop. The points are converted into EUR and can be used to buy new items.

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When recycling

You’ll earn points every time you send your used hummel items back to us via our re.hummel portal. This way, we can reuse the materials from your old clothes in creating something new. Read more about how you can recycle with hummel here.

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When it's your anniversary

When you've been a member of clubhummel for a full year we'll reward you with anniversary points. The points will be added to your clubhummel account and can be used as (co)payment for future orders.


re.hummel is hummel's recycling programme. Together, we can give new life to old items with the re.hummel reuse portal. Return your used hummel items to us, and we’ll do our very best to make sure they are resold or the materials reused in the best possible way. That's what we call circular shopping.

Earn points every time you return your hummel products for reuse, and start recycling your hummel clothing straight away.

Read more about re.hummel here.